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Rhime Alien Proto 1 Foam Runner in Cream

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The entire shoe is made of independently developed EVA high-rebound material. The contour of the toe part is distinct, resembling the head of an iron-blooded warrior, while the bottom design features the claws and tail of an alien. The design of the insole is like a certain totem, akin to the symbiotic relationship between Spider-Man and Venom.

Rhime's 23SS inaugural footwear product, the AlienProto 1 Foam Runner, draws inspiration from the Alien and Iron Blooded Warrior, resulting in a perforated shoe design.

This perforated shoe is integrally molded, overall very soft and breathable. Especially, the insole can be taken out, individually molded, providing a very soft and comfortable feel when stepped on.

The insole itself adds 3cm in height, while the entire shoe increases the height by 4 to 5cm in this way.